10 helpful tips to treat Anxiety

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Anxiety is when you feel tense, fearful or nervousness occurring in a variety of mental disorders etc. For example if you are confronted by angry person, worring about an interview, nervousness occurs during exams and many other are the reactive causes of anxiety. Here are 10 useful tips that assist you to treat or relieve yourself from these problems:

  • Do pysical activities like exercise or yoga for atleast half an hour. Start slowly, if you are not exercises regularly then expand your exercise time to 1 hour.
  • Stay away from horror shows, talk shows, news, radio news of bad news because bad o horror news can jump start feelings of anxiety.
  • Meditate every day for atleast 5 minutes, if you have hard time to sit and clear mind.
  • Try do aromatherapy. Buy essential candles or oils in lavender, cypress, rose or jasmine scents. Burn the candles or put the essential oils in a scent diffuser and breathe deeply.
  • Take a break during the day and breathe deeply for at least five minutes.
  • If you still feel uncomfortable b dong so. Then get a massage, it will relax al your tense muscles and worries etc.
  • Definitely go out from the house and talk to your friends and people.
  • Take proper balanced diet and Drink chamomile or green tea. Both are said to be great helpful in relieving anxiety.
  • Seek help from a therapies or counselor. Sometimes talking to a professional is extremely beneficial. Get recommendations from your doctor or your friends.
  • Take some herbal remedies like Valerian, Kava, bugleweed and ashwangandha etc. These all are highly effective for treating anxiety.

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