5 possible reasons it burns when you pee

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Pain when you pee

Dysuria is the name of the condition when you feel a burning, painful sensation when you try to pee. While there are a number of reasons why that can happen to you, it is always better to avoid certain foods that can often irritate your bladder causing painful urination. These may include spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol, citrus fruits and juices, artificial sweeteners as well as tomato products.

So if you have not consumed any of these and still feel a burning sensation when you go to pee, the other possible reasons for it can be the following—

  1. Urinary Tract Infection [UTI]

This one is a bacterial infection, which though not that common, can still be a possible cause of painful urination. According to studies, it is women who are more affected than men by UTI, since they have a shorter urethra and hence are twice more likely to get a UTI. The best way to cure it is consult a doctor, as Urinary Tract Infections generally respond well to antibiotics and can give you relief.

  1. Sexually Transmitted Diseases [STDs]

If you feel a burning sensation while peeing, especially right after a sexual intercourse, chances are that you have caught an STD from your partner, most commonly genital herpes or Chlamydia or gonnorhoea. If you feel the pain right after sex, you must definitely show yourself to a doctor, since all three of these STDs don’t normally have any symptoms as such. It is also better to have protected sex with your partner in order to avoid the chances of catching any STD.

  1. Cystitis

This is one uncommon yet difficult condition leading to painful urination. In cystitis, there’s an inflammation in the urinary bladder’s lining, and the condition specifically is known as interstitial cystitis, also known as painful bladder syndrome. Unlike other conditions, this one is slightly difficult to treat and the medications may be needed for over four months for the treatment to finally work.  One more symptom which can help detect cystitis is a frequent pain in the pelvic region.

  1. Harsh chemicals

This is a very common reason for you to have painful urination. The usage of any harsh and harmful chemicals through bubble baths, detergents, perfumes, or soaps in your nether region can cause irritation in that region and also result in a burning sensation while peeing.

  1. Kidney stones

There can be small stones in your kidney that often pass through your urine and sometimes these may also get stuck in your urethra, resulting in painful urination. In any case, you have to consult a doctor immediately if this happens.

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