5 signs that you are not drinking enough water

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Drinking Water

Everybody knows how quintessential it is to drink water in plenty amounts every day. But still despite knowing its necessity for our body, we often miss out on consuming adequate water. There are a variety of symptoms in human body—signs that show that you are not drinking enough water every day. Below are some of the most common signs—

  1. Dry Skin

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and the lack of water makes our skin dehydrated, leading to dry skin that often becomes scaly and patchy. Often the lack of adequate water supply in body leads to skin conditions like sever breakouts, acne, as well as skin peeling unnaturally. You also tend to sweat more.

  1. Dry mouth

Whenever you feel that your mouth had become unnaturally sticky and feels uncomfortable, you must know the major reason for it is your lack of water intake. Don’t go for cold drinks or other sugar drinks for refuge when you face this condition, because they are only superficial solutions to restore your mouth’s moisture. It is only water that rightly helps you maintain the mucous membranes in mouth and keeps it moist with saliva.

  1. Dry eyes

Lack of water dries up your tear ducts and this is one of the few reasons why you might often complain of bloodshot eyes that indicate lack of sleep.  The scenario is worse for people who wear contact lenses daily, since the eye dryness only doubles for them.

  1. Joint pains

In our body, the spinal discs as well as cartilage are composed of 80% water. It is quintessential to maintain this balance to ensure your bones don’t grind against one another. Lack of water disturbs this balance and leads to the issue of joint pains.

  1. Fatigue and lethargy

With lack of water your body becomes dehydrated and thus, to still keep its functions going, it borrows the water from your blood. As your blood too suffers from lack of water, it leads to a shortage of oxygen, and when there comes an issue of oxygen shortage, extreme fatigue and feeling lethargic become common issues that one faces.

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