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Bathukamma Dance

Bathukamma is a festival of flowers celebrated by women in Telangana. This festival takes place during the second half of monsoon, before the arrival of winter. This Bathukamma festival signifies the cultural identity of this state.

As it steps into at the mid of monsoon the ponds lands and fields get refreshed by heavy rain and at this time variety of unknown flowers bloom in barren and uncultivated lands. Among these flowers ample of gunuka poolu and tangedu poolu are found.


Bathukamma festival is dedicated to the relationship between earth, water, and human beings. During this festival,  women make ‘boddemma’ a deity of Gowri (mother Durga). The idol is made with earthly mud. Then they immerse the deity into the pond as it helps strengthen the ponds and helps it retain plenty of water. The flowers that are used in this ceremony has some special quality. These flowers purify water and when a number of such flowers are immersed into the water body it refines the water.


Bathukamma festival is a ceremony of 1 week. This ceremony takes place 1 week before the grand finale of Batukamma Festival ( which takes place two days before Dussera). During this festival, the married women come to meet their parents from in laws and take a breath of freedom and relief and celebrate this colorful ritual. For the whole week, they make tiny Batukammas, adore them and then dip them into the near by pond water.

They bring home a bag full of these flowers and all the family members engage themselves to make a big Batukamma. The flowers are meant to arrange in brass plates forming a circle. In the evening the women dress very beautifully in folk attire and matching jewelry. They assemble forming a circle placing the Batukamma at their courtyard. Gradually the circle becomes larger as their neighbors also join them.

Then they start singing a song together to strengthen the bond of love sisterhood and unity.

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