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Dandiya Dance

Dandiya DandiyaRaas or only Raasis the traditional folk dance form of Rajasthan and Gujarat in India. This dance form is associated with the Raaslila of Radha and Krishna and also associated with some scenes of Holi. In western India, Dandiya is also associated with Navratri just like Garba. The dandiyas or the stickers resemble the swords of Durga. For a Dandiya evening women’s dress up in traditional Ghagra, choli and Bandhani dupatta with lots of pieces of jewelry. The lehengas are designed with embroidery and mirror work. The men wear special turbans or kedias which give an elegant and royal look.

The mix of tradition and fun is Dandiya

Dandiya is performed after the aarti which is worshipping the goddess and offering her prayers and flowers. Men and women together play Dandiya and it is more complex especially the rounds or Dandiya as compared to Garba. People dance July whirling and moving their feet and arms as choreographed and matches with the tune of drum beats. Instruments like tabla, dholak are played for creating music for people playing Dandiya. True dance is quite complex and energetic and it is quite fast and monotonous well.

Enjoy Dandiya in its best form in Rajasthan

Not only Gujarat and Rajasthan bit Dandiya is played in other parts of India as well. People organize Dandiya nights during Navratri and wear colourful dresses which make the dance form even more amazing. Dandiya is different from Garba with the use of sticks and the steps or Dandiya are more complicated as compared to Garba. Dandiya is a traditional dance form and is played and enjoyed by all. It is not limited to any particular culture and almost all of the people in India enjoy Dandiya. So, enjoy Dandiya in your best attire and enjoy the evening.

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