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Founded in the year 2013, with a focused stance on Pan India services, iSmart is an emerging mobile manufacturing brand with Indian origins in the telecommunications sector. Promising a wider reach and bigger variety of mobile phones: feature as well as smartphones and mobile accessories, the company has so far managed to set up 200 service centres and fundamentally has expanded its reach to countries other than India, such as Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, Nepal, South Africa, Hong Kong, as well as Burma. The company has its headquarters situated in the capital city of India, New Delhi.

Focused on providing users with impressive specs decked mobile phones at affordable prices, iSmart has so far since its commencement released 34 mobile handsets in total, out of which 20 are feature phones and 12 are smartphones, and the remaining two are touch phones. Coming to smartphones, the brand is focused on manufacturing low-range budget devices all powered by Android operating system from Google.


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