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Founded somewhere in the mid 1980s by Tony Smith, Mobell is fundamentally originated from the United Kingdom and its founder still remains its chairman. The company is focused on telecommunications and also extends satellite as well as cell phone services. It is originally called Mobal Communications for its UK entity, however, it has divisions both in Japan as well as the United Kingdom, and the same are termed as Mobell Communications. The company also has a domestic service division in the United States of America, and that is called Modal Freedom. The company’s Japan branch is located in the country’s capital city, Tokyo, and its USA branch is located in the capital city of New York.

Mobell fundamentally caters to the demands of those who are visiting countries by providing them with rental networks, because many services become incompatible on cell phones while traveling. Other than this aspect, the company had also produced a list of feature phones with its brand name. It also provides services to travellers who are visiting remote areas as well as disaster-prone zones.


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