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Raut Nacha Dance

Raut Nacha is a dance form that is usually performed by Yaduvanshis or Yadavas who are also the close descendant of Lord Krishna. This dance form is like a symbol of worship to Krishna for the people. The dancers show eternal faith towards Lord Krishna whom they worship and seek blessing from. This dance is usually performed on the occasion of dev udhni ekadashi which is also the awakening time of gods after a brief rest as per the Hindu calendar. This is also called as Rasa Dance and is practiced in the state of Chhattisgarh. It is a dance form rich in cultural heritage and traditional legacies.

Raut Nacha for every occasion

This dance is performed during festivals like diwali, and it earnestly represent mythical stories in the form of dance, music and battle. Dancers perform with the props such as metal shields, sticks, bells and many more that make the dance form look more exciting, different and rich. The dance form resemble to that of Krishna and Gopis. Group of people wear colorful and bright dresses and dance in a group on traditional and musical beats. This dance form symbolizes the mythological battle between evil king Kansa and Lord Krishna who lead the ‘Yaduvanshis’ to the battle with Kansa.

The beauty of the dance form at its best

In this dance form the performers perform the roles of different characters from the battle with full devotion and eagerness which is reproduced in their perfect performance. This dance form is similar to a play with music and other exciting elements which make this dance form a unique one. This dance form is very popular in Chhattisgarh and people in Chhattisgarh perform this dance on various occasions. Other important of this dance form is that people devote their selves to Lord Krishna and seek blessing from the divine lord for a happy and prosperous life.

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