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Formerly known as Cellebrum Technologies Limited, Spice Digital Limited, also known as simply Spice Mobiles, is an Indian telecommunications brand centered on developing mobile as well as internet services, from mobile applications, networks, as well as mobiles. The company has its headquarters in Noida, Delhi NCR, and currently has over 550 employees.

In the year 2013, with expansions overseas, the company also has its headquarters in Johannesburg in the country of South Africa. Coming to its sector of mobile phones, the brand launched the Spice Stellar Mobile Series, which is a set of mobile phones launched by Spice Digital, which are all smartphones powered by the Android Operating System from Google.

They started with 5 devices initially, varying from low-budget smart devices to high end ones, which is the tablet among these five. These models include the Spice Stellar Xtacy, the Spice Stellar Craze, the Spice Stellar nhance, the Spice Stellar pad, the Spice Stellar virtuso, as well as the Spice Stellar Pinnacle. While the first one is the low budget Android device among these, the next three comes in the mid-budget range, with the last two being high-end devices.

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