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Founded in the year 2010, Wyncomm Digital Services Private Limited, also known commonly as simply Wyncomm is owned by SAR Group and is the company’s popular telecom initiative. Earlier, SAR Group had introduced their other telecom initiative, the brand Luminous, which had been a success in the market, and hence later the company launched Wyncomm with the sole aim of bringing to the consumers, user friendly and more innovative mobile devices. The company has Indian origins with its headquarters located in Gurgaon, in the north Indian state of Haryana.

Wyncomm is a part of the Pan India sphere, and has around 600 authorized customer care centres located in around 500 different cities.

The product range offerings from Wyncomm are multidimensional. This includes mobile phones with long battery life, known as Maha Life mobile phones, mobile phones with multimedia features, known as Wyncomm Showtime, mobile phones which are basic color phones, known as the Wyncomm Elemental, and finally the range of smartphones, known as the Wyncomm Wiz!

Coming to the smartphones of the company, popular devices include models like Wyncomm Storm, Wyncomm Mega, Wyncomm G6OQ, Wyncomm G58, Wyncomm G54, etc., all of which are powered by Android OS from Google.

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