Bhujangasana to get rid of your pathetic back pain

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What is Bhujankasana Anyway?

The actual meaning of Bhujang is cobra and asana refer to ‘pose’. Bhujankasana is the stretching yoga posture of the spine and front torso. Bhujankasana is that final stage when the cobra all geared up to attack the prey by erecting its hood; hence we get the name- the cobra pose. Cobra pose is arguable of the essential pose involving back-bending, which carries a plethora of health benefits ranging from head to toe. The Cobra poses and is variation is actually like a blessing to those who suffer from an excruciating lower back pain.

How to Perform Bhujankasana?

  • You get to avail the best of all health benefits of the cobra pose, only when you are fully aware of the techniques and steps of the asana. Here are the steps of Bhujankasana.
  • Firstly, lie down upside down with legs attached to each other. Maintain a gap of about 1-2 feet in between the legs, in case you have a back pain.
  • Place your palms just beside your shoulder and keep your head resting on the ground.
  • While you inhale slowly, raise your head furtively till the navel region and try seeing the roof.
  • Hold on to the position for about 10-60 seconds, while you continuously inhale and exhale.
  • Return to the normal position sans hurrying while keeping up with the deep inhalation.
  • Repeat the procedure for about 5-8 times.

What Are the Myriad Benefits of Bhujankasana?

  • Lowers Back Pain
  • Bhujankasana is undoubtedly one of the essential asanas that boot the flexibility, thus reducing the stiffness from the lower portion of the back. It is known to drain out the impure blood from the back and tone the nerves up.
  • Cobra pose is also great in compressing the kidney thus removing the stagnated blood, thereby assisting in bettering the kidney efficiency.
  • The Cobra pose also lends a great message to the adrenaline gland which births the adrenaline hormone which in turn lowers the bodily stress and anxiety.
  • The cobra pose is also known to lend good and appropriate message to the stomach’s abdominal region, gallbladder, liver, and pancreas. It is quite helpful in dealing with many digestion oriented issues such as indigestion and constipation.
  • This asana is also famous in treating several gynecological issues by toning the uterus and ovaries. The cobra pose is said to affect the amenorrhea, dysmenorrhoea, and leucorrhea.

Try on Bhujankasana to get rid of your pathetic back pain and the hushed away gynecological issues.

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