Can Too Much Sugar Cause Alzheimer’s?

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High sugar levels have often contributed to a list of health issues. However, the recent connection of it with the brain has revealed that it can actually cause Alzheimer’s, a very serious brain disease. According to a report published in the, recent studies by the University of Bath and King’s College, London, have revealed that hyperglycemia or high blood sugar levels have a direct affect on the human brain, impacting the cognitive functions of an individual adversely.

Research prior to this has suggested that there’s a point after which high blood sugar levels take a dicey route, paving way for the neurological disease of Alzheimer’s to kick in and disrupt a lot of cognitive functions in the brain. In fact, it is said that once this point is crossed, the high blood sugar levels begin to meddle with the functions of a very essential protein in the brain, which is said to build resilience against the inflammation of the brain that is linked to dementia.

The recent studies assert that previously, high blood sugar levels would only be associated with diabetes as well as the risk of obesity, which are both severe health conditions, and now its recent link with the brain disease Alzheimer’s has given us all the more reasons to make sure that we keep our sugar levels in check to circumvent all risks of health hazards.

In our brain, we have an enzyme called MIF, which is responsible for maintaining immunity and keeping our insulin levels regulated. When in the study, patients with or without Alzheimer’s but with high sugar levels in the body were tested for protein glycation, which is an alteration that high glucose levels cause in the body, it was observed that the ones in the first stage of Alzheimer’s had the glycation damaging the enzyme MIF.

It was then discovered that it is the high blood sugar levels that actually disrupt the functions of MIF, reducing its potential to provide immunity against excessive insulin levels, and thus, harm the brain in numerous ways, setting a foothold of Alzheimer’s to set in.

Now that you have all the more reasons to cut off sugar from your daily diet, do it right away!

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