Deficiency of Protein in Indian Diet

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Indian Dietician Association (IDA) has concluded that the infamous Indian thali that people consider as the ideal meal course is lacking 50 percent of the necessary protein. Although there are numerous vegetarians in India, plants serve little in providing a protein-packed meal and it is a rising concern whether the “balanced Indian thali” is nutritiously balanced or not. Protein Foods Nutrition Development Association of India (PFNDAI) has also stated on the importance of a protein rich diet that most of the Indian vegetarians are avoiding.

Necessities of a protein-packed diet

  • Nutrition experts are concerned regarding the health of pregnant women as they would not be provided sufficient protein with only vegetarian meals unless they are consuming milk
  • To make Indian people aware of the positive qualities of protein
  • The protein intake of a woman in her second and third trimesters of pregnancy increases exceedingly
  • Protein with the help of a proper number of calories ensures its proper utilisation.

What experts had to say

  1. Sesikeran, a pathologist states, “Proteins from different sources complement each other. Even with a ratio of 5:1 cereals and pulses combination, the protein quality in terms of digestibility and bio-availability is only around 65 per cent when compared to milk protein”. Also, Neelanajan Singh, President of IDA, has forwarded another noteworthy importance in these lines, “Quality-based protein is as important as the quality of protein taken. For effective utilisation of protein, it is necessary to also include adequate calories in one’s diet.”

Spreading the awareness

Both of the leading nutrient health associations IDA and PFNDAI have seconded the decision of setting up educational seminars against the lack of awareness regarding the importance of a properly balanced diet. Keeping in mind that the average protein intake requirement is 1 gramme per kg of a body, people should understand that a lack of this nutrient would subsequently result in improper functioning of the body such as exhaustion and weakness. If the diet now is not improved protein-wise then it may lead to serious impairment in the future generations to come.

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