Diabetes: Symptoms and types of diabetes

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Nowadays, we have seen many people around us are suffering from the big chronic Diabetes disease. This is one of the most common type of diseases which caused by the failure of a natural mechanism that controls the blood sugar level of a human body. Basically, this health problem takes place due to an inadequate production of insulin by the pancreas in a body. Insulin is an essential hormone of the body which is required for the conversion of sugar and starches by the pancreas.  This will helps the body to easily stimulate their cells and elevate the levels of blood glucose so that energy can be produced. There are three main types of diabetes such as:

  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Gestational diabetes

All these types are more common and many people are suffering from these in this highly effective world. Now let us discuss about the symptoms of these types of diabetes.


In Type 1 diabetes the loss of insulin production by pancreatic cells can cause. Due to this, the person will suffer the problems like Excessive Urination, Dehydration, sudden weight loss etc. This Type 1 diabetes disease generally attacks the people who are in the age of few months or adult age where as in Type 2 diabetes the person suffers from the problem of excess of sugar or glucose in blood. However, in this form of disease the person will suffers from the symptoms like unhealthy lifestyle, alcohol abuse, obesity and lack of physical work or exercise etc. Type 2 diabetes is an outcome of ineffectiveness and insufficient amount of the provided insulin in the body within normal range. Moreover, Gestational diabetes is generally found in pregnant woman, who produces some hormones that is necessary in supporting the growing fetus. In few women these hormones start to obstruct the production of insulin and cannot convert the provided glucose or sugar into energy.

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