Effective Ayurveda Solutions For Blood Pressure Problems

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High Blood Pressure

Issues related to blood pressure are common in almost every household in India. The good news is that Ayurveda in India has come as a boon for majority as it provides solutions for almost every common ailment out there without any side effects. Here are some effective Ayurveda solutions that can be a life saver for those dealing with BP issues—

  1. You can make it a habit of mixing cardamom powder in lukewarm water every morning and drinking it religiously as you kick-start your day.
  2. You can in fact also have cardamom powder mixed with natural honey to help solve your blood pressure related problems.
  3. Another important substance to combat blood pressure issues is Fenugreek. You can soak fenugreek in water every night and the next morning, eat the same fenugreek and drink the water as you prepare for starting the day.
  4. Take bottle-guard juice and mix it with coriander and black pepper and drink it without fail every morning on an empty stomach.
  5. You can also have cow’s urine every morning, as it is a great solution for diabetes.
  6. You can mix bael leaves in your meal as it is a great substance to fight BP related issues.
  7. If you suffer from low blood pressure, make it a point to drink orange juice and sugarcane juice often.
  8. Another way of fighting low blood pressure is to have home-made butter, mixing it with sugar lumps, as it helps keep your blood pressure normal.


With all these steps, you can also prevent your cholesterol levels to act tricky and lead and healthy and happy life.

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