Gajanan Maharaj – 3rd Aavatars of Lord Datta Guru

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Gajanan Maharaj

Believed to be one of the three avatars of Lord Datta Guru in Hindu culture, Gajanan Maharaj was a popular saint, who spent his life in Shegaon near Akola district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Ever since his demise in the year 1910, many Gajanan Maharaj temples were constructed to commemorate the spiritual saint.

Many devotees also believe that the Maharaj was an incarnation of popular Hindu deity and son of Lord Shiva—Lord Ganesha.

It is but obvious that due to intense associations with the saint himself, the Gajanan Maharaj Temple at Shegaon has the utmost prominence, but one can find at least one Gajanan Maharaj Temple in every single city of Maharashtra.

The temples are administered by the Sant Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan, and this trust happens to be the largest trust in the entire Vidarbha region.

Other than the Gajanan Maharaj Temples located in prominent cities of Maharashtra like Pune, Thane, Aurangabad, Nagpur, etc, the temples are also present in other cities outside of Maharashtra, such as Ahmedabad and Indore.

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