Go Topless Day – 26th of August

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Go Topless Day

Also known as National GoTopless Day and International GoTopless Day, this day is observed on the 26th of August every year, with the aim of supporting women’s rights, in order to promote gender equality. The concept of going topless here emphasizes on the fact that women too can go topless, if men can, and that gender discrimination should stop. This day marks the celebration of freedom for being topless for women and laws that surround it, symbolizing the aspect that if men can walk, run, be as they like, so can women, without any restrictions.

The observance of the Go Topless Day was established in the year 2007, by Go Topless- an American organization based out of Nevada. With the sole objective of boosting gender equality everywhere, this day asks women to fearlessly go topless in public, whereas men are asked to cover their chests as they don a brassiere in public, or bikinis.

Quite conspicuously so, the Go Topless Day is scheduled on the 26th of August, which also happens to be the day when the world observes, Women’s Equality Day, and this thus makes the day a collaborative affair, wherein both of these observances focus on giving women an equal status compared to men, in their everyday lives.

Rallies and events are held during this day, wherein the female protesters go topless in public while the male protesters have both their hands covering their chests, wearing a bra. The reason men go this way in the rally is to make a statement highlighting the hypocrisy of the society wherein men are allowed to roam bare chested anywhere and women are not.

According to the founder of the Go Topless organization in Nevada, this protest is no beauty rally or contest, rather, it is a means of raising awareness among the masses that females should be given an equal status in the society and should not be refrained from doing anything that men are allowed to do.

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