India’s National Technology Day (11th of May)

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National Technology Day

Every year on the 11th of May, India celebrates National Technology Day, to celebrate the existence and achievements of science and technology. The reason this date of 11th May was chosen to be observed as National Technology Day in India is the fact that in the year 1998, on this very day, Shakti—the Pokhran nuclear test had been conducted, and thus, it became a prominent day for Indian technology and people even today memorize the day.

It is a day that is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm all across the country, especially in all technological institutions as well as engineering colleges. Individuals who are scientists, engineers, or aspirants of science and technology take keen interest on this day to present their creations in various events organized to commemorate the special day.

Most engineering colleges as well as technical institutes organize a variety of competitions, seminars, workshops, quizzes, discussions, wherein people from all across the country who have a zeal for science and technology come forth to participate and also make a name for themselves by presenting their unique scientific creations as well as discoveries. The National Technology Day in India lifts the spirits of science aspirants and also imbibes in the minds of people the need to celebrate science and how it has changed our lives for the better on a day to day basis. It also highlights the many merits of choosing science as a career option that not only boosts one’s creativity but also contributes immensely in building a nation by leaps and bounds.

The Ministry of Science & Technology in collaboration with other popular science institutes coordinates many events that focus on science as a part of our lives. The President of India also gives away the National Technology Awards to the deserving organizations as well as individuals who have made a revolutionary change in technology and also adopted a new scientific reform that has contributed in the betterment of society in numerous ways.

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