Ksheerarama – A Popular Pilgrim Place

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Located in Palakollu, in the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, Ksheerarama is a popular pilgrim center that happens to be one of the five Panchanama Kshetras in the country. The five Panchanama Kshetras, simply put are five popular Hindu pilgrim shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva in the state of Andhra Pradesh. What makes these five temples more intriguing ad popular among masses is the fact that the sivalingas in each of these temples are all made up from a single sivalinga.

It is said in Hindu culture that if one devotee spends as little time as only 24 hours at Ksheerarama; that time is equivalent to spending 365 days in the popular pilgrim town of Varanasi in India. The other four temples from the Panchanama Kshetra series are the Somarama Temple in Bhimavaram, the Kumararama Temple in Samalkota, the Draksharama Temple in Draksharamam, and the Amararama Temple in Amravati, all in Andhra Pradesh.

The tower of the Ksheerarama Temple happens to be the one of the tallest in the entire list of temples in Andhra Pradesh. Built in the 9th century during the reign of the Chalukyas, the temple has nine floors and stands at a height of 120 feet. While the temple is always bustling with devotees who take keen interest in all the rituals, the major gathering happens during the festival of Mahasivaratri celebrated here in great spirits.

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