Left & Right Side of the Brain—Know the Differences

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Just like planet Earth is divided into two sections, the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere, the most important organ of the human body: The brain is divided into two important sections, namely, the left brain and the right brain. Quite strangely so, the right side of the brain is responsible for controlling all the muscles on the left side of the body and likewise, the left side of the brain controls all the right side muscles of the body. Both the left and right side of the human brain work separately as well as in tandem with each other.

Ideally if we were to categorize the functions of both the sides of the brain, it would be as under:

Right side of the brain: Handles creativity, imagination, instincts, holistic thinking, motor skills, rhythm functions, non verbal functions, as well as functions involving day dreaming.

Left side of the brain: Handles logical reasoning, sequencing and analysis, language functions, linear functions, deriving facts, grammatical & verbal matters, mathematical functions, as well as computational functions.

Coming to one’s intelligence, it is said as per research and scientific studies that human brain size actually does impact intelligence to a great extent, wherein larger the brain size, more the cognitive prowess and intelligence of that being and vice versa. There are also other ways to determine the connection between intellect and human brain, one of which is a technique called Brain Volume, wherein it is the Standard Progressive Metrics Test.

So, ideally, you are a right-sided brain person if you happen to be quite intuitive and creative, and if people call you objective about almost everything in life, chances are ripe that you are left-sided.

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