List of Abbreviations starting with G

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An abbreviation is a shortened form of a word or phrase. For example, Jan. is January, IND is India and so on. There is a huge list of abbreviation words.

Here we are sharing List of Abbreviations starting with G

Gal. (in the Bible) Galatians
Gard. garden, gardening
Gastron. gastronomy
Gaz. gazette
Gd. good
gen. general(ly)
gen. genitive
Gen. general
Gen. (in the Bible) Genesis
Geo. George
Geog. geography
Geogr. geography, geographic(al)
Geol. geology, geologic(al)
Geom. geometry, geometric(al)
Geomorphol. geomorphology
Ger. German
gerund. gerundial
Glac. glacier(s)
Glasg. Glasgow
Glos. Gloucestershire
Gloss. glossary
Glouc. Gloucestershire
Gloucestersh. Gloucestershire
Gosp. gospel(s)
Gov. government
Govt. government
Gr. grammar
Gram. grammar
Gramm. Analysis grammatical analysis
Gt. great
Gynaecol. gynaecology

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