Living in a green neighborhood can actually curb your depression & anxiety

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Greenery for Depression

According to a recent study conducted in Briton, people who live in a neighborhood surrounded by greenery, birds, shrubs, are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and stress than those who choose to live in a place surrounded by a more urban set up. The study reveals that regardless of where you stay geologically, an urban area or a semi-urban one, being surrounded by lush green trees, the sound of birds, can actually have a positive impact on your mental health, curbing your daily stress, and thus, reducing the risks of depression.

The study analyzed over 270 people, all belonging to different ages and stages of life, from different income groups and ethnicities. It turned out that from these people, the ones who made most visits outside of their doors, watching the greenery and the number of birds chirping outside, were less depressed and stressed compared to those who didn’t step out of their houses at all.

It will also be fascinating to know that the research suggests, the more number of birds once sees during daytime outside the house, the lesser his chances are of being depressed. The research suggested that the vibrant colors and melodious chirping of the birds have a direct impact on our mental health and people feel more connected to nature when they start witnessing these birds, listening to their sounds on a day to day basis.

As a matter of fact, one begins to feel happier about their lives seeing nature around them, in the form of greenery and the birds, and this slowly builds their positive approach towards life, wherein they tend to smile more, have confidence and thus have a more defined and better mental health.

So next time you feel a little stressed, do make it a point to step out of your house, take a stroll down the green parks and spend some time bird watching!

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