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Statistics suggests that the number of post graduate students have increased tremendously over last twenty years. Certainly, growing population is a reason behind it. Our population too has increased tremendously over last 20 years but there is another reason behind the increase in the number of post graduate students. Competition is another reason. Having a graduate degree is not enough anymore to get a well – paying, respectable job. Chances of getting a job with decent salary is extremely low for people without a graduate degree.When it comes to a degree, the college matters. A good university truly prepare you to face the world. However the number of good universities is not as much as we want them to be. The seats are limited and not everyone can afford them.  On top of that, lack of time and long distance forces many students to take up long distance, online courses, often prepared by amateurs.

In Mahatma Gandhi University, students are trained to face every challenge and grow into individuals with power to shape the world. This relatively new university (Established in 2010) has the potential to become India’s leading university. Their curriculum for both online and on – campus courses is rigorous. They offer variety of courses in business administration, engineering and other subjects.

In this University, MBA is offered as a distance education. The minimum duration of the course is two years and the maximum duration is 4 years. Getting a degree in this is a demanding course which prepares the students to meet the demands of the market and trains them for the industry. A degree in MBA from MGU is highly recognized in the market because here, students are taught about the latest technologies, every kind of budgeting and management and are groomed to evolve with the evolving market environment.

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