Places in Delhi with a haunting history

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Some of the youngsters have an inclination towards haunted places based on real stories. If you have a liking for such adventures and crave for a few nightmarish experiences, try the following most horrifying haunted places in Delhi:

  1. Dwarka Metro Station
Dwarka Metro Station


The station is renowned for the appearance of a strange woman among passengers during the night.

  1. Khooni Nadi
Khooni Nadi


Just as chilling as its name, this river is haunted enough to suck in people who dare to descend into its water.

  1. Delhi Cantonment
Delhi Cantonment


The most haunted place in Delhi would curdle your blood when you experience a woman clad in a white saree asking you for a lift.

  1. BhuliBhatiyari ka Mahal
BhuliBhatiyari ka Mahal


Built in Tughlaq era, this fort is known for nesting various weird and creepy sounds after the sun sets down.

  1. ChorMinar


In its early days, ChorMinar was known for homing the spiked heads of criminals. Apparently, their spirits become active at night.

  1. Lothian Cemetery
Lothian Cemetery


If the sight of a ghost of a headless soldier roaming around the graves on a new moon’s night does not bring you nightmares for several days, then you should look for more horrifying places.

  1. Sanjay Van
Sanjay Van


Wanderers at night have often claimed about a mysterious voice calling them from nearby in this forest.

  1. Fort of Feroz Shah Kotla
Fort of Feroz Shah Kotla


This fort has been claimed to fester multitude of Djinns. On every Thursday, locals accumulate lighting incense sticks to soothe the spirits of Djinns.

  1. Mutiny House
Mutiny House


Visitors have claimed to have sighted several paranormal incidents in and around Mutiny House.

  1. The Karkardooma Delhi Court
the Karkardooma Delhi Court


Even the lawyers in this court have reported on sighting a shadowy spectre during the court premises.

  1. The Ridge
The Ridge


The apparition of a colonial British man is said to hover in this empty forest accounting for the poor network signals that people say.

  1. Malcha Mahal
Malcha Mahal


This hunting lodge is said to have an aura of ominous energy all around the area.

  1. Jamali Kamali Tomb
Jamali Kamali Tomb


From inside the mausoleum, voices and cries call out to the people outside. Scary, huh?

  1. House number- W3
House number- W3


People say that the muffled laughter of the couple murdered come from the inside of the house every now and then.

  1. Khooni Darwaza
Khooni Darwaza


The “Bloody Gate” still festers the spirits of the sons of the last Mughal emperor in Indian who had been executed in front of the public.

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