Surdas Jayanti (30th April)

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Surdas Jayanti

The date of 30th April is observed as Surdas Jayanti in India, meaning the birth anniversary of popular saint and poet Surdas, who was known for his many poems, wherein he wrote about the endless adventures of Lord Krishna. There is a big controversy when it comes to his accurate birth year, as many people refute the theory proposed by Indian Postal Department as it released a postal stamp long ago, showcasing the late poet and saint and marked his birth year as 1479 AD. It is believed that Saint Surdas was blind throughout his life, but even that didn’t hinder him from penning down his poems, which were all focused on popular Hindu god, also known as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu—Lord Krishna.

It is said that all of Surdas’ poetic works were attributed to Vatsalya Raj, and through his songs and verses, he always narrated various fun-filled adventures from the childhood of Lord Krishna, since the god was believed to be a very notorious kid when he was young, always keeping his foster mother Yashodha on her toes, since he would always do some pranks or mischief. All his bhajans were composed in ‘Braj’ language and are quite simple to understand. All of these bhajans hold important religious lessons with morals imbibed in them, all of them taken from the life account of Lord Krishna itself.

Throughout his life Surdas composed a lot of literary works, some of which helped exponentially in spreading the Bhakti movement in the northern regions of India. Some of his most notable literary works include his collection of poetry, protected as Sahitya-Lahiri, Sursagar, as well as Sur-Saravali.

According to some historians, long ago Surdas had seen Lord Krishna in his dream and there, the lord had asked him to visit Vrindavan and when Surdas did so, he had located a very ardent devotee of Lord Krishna there—Guru Vallabhacharya, and it is from him that he learnt a lot about Hindu scriptures and he made up his mind to dedicate his entire life to Lord Krishna, and that’s precisely why he never married anyone and only devoted himself to writing about Lord Krishna.

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