Tamil Nadu: The state of treasure trove of nature’s bounty

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Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is the most famous southern state of India that has earned the great status in the Indian history. However, this state offers numerous beaches, hill stations, cities, temples and many more to its tourist. Now let us discuss in details:

Temples in Tamil Nadu: Well, Tamil Nadu is known as the land of Enduring Heritage, as this land offers numerous of temples to visit such as Meenakshi Temple, Chidambaram Temple, Rameshwaram Temple, Kanyakumari Temple, Mahabalipuram, Madhurai, Kanchipuram,  Gangaikondacholapuram, Thiruvarur, the Brihadeeswarar Temple and many more. All are located in this scenic city.

Hill stations of Tamil Nadu: Moreover, Tamil Nadu is a great treasure trove of nature’s bounty and also called as the hub of ancient Dravidian heritage, culture and history of India. Having a long coastline of the Bay of Bengal, it features a vast range of enchanting hill stations like Chennai ( the capital city of Tamil Nadu), Ooty, Kadaikanal, Coonoor, Yercaud, Yelagiri, Rameshwaram, Tiruchirappalli and the most charming Udhagamandalam etc.

Beaches of Tamil Nadu: Tamil Nadu is not all about the hill stations and temples, but the state has much more to offer to its visitors such as the finest beaches of India, including the Mahabalipuram Beach, Kanyakumari Beach, Marina Beach- the second longest beach in the world, Elliot’s Beach, Rameshwaram beach, Covelon beach that offer great exotic and thrilling feel to its visitors. All of them offering perfect ambience and facilities for a range of recreational and leisure activities, including paragliding, sunbathing, surfing, parasailing and swimming etc

Add-ons:  If you are a wildlife enthusiast, then this great state has a lot to offer you in the form of finest wild sanctuaries of India like Annamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary. Both are famous for its Tigers and elephant population which are roaming in the large herds and also be spotted in the parks.

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