Trouble Sleeping? Sugarcane Can be a Lifesaver!

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If you are someone going through troubles in sleeping due to an overload of stress, then there’s some good news! An Indian-origin scientist led a team of researchers and found that an active component rich in sugarcane and a list of other natural products can help alleviate stress and thus, help people have a sound sleep.

At present, all the sleeping pills available don’t address the problem of stress in general and rather impose a lot of side effects on one’s health. Besides stress, loss of sleep is also accredited to other factors like cardiovascular problems, obesity, anxiety, as well as depression. The team of researchers led by Mahesh Kaushik and Yoshihiro Urade from the University of Tsukuba, Japan, has discovered that the active component octacosanol found in sugarcane helps reduce stress and restores major part of the sleep affected by stress so that one’s sleep patterns can go back to normal.

Other than sugarcane, octacosanol is also present in bee wax, wheat germ oil, as well as rice bran, among other products. The experiment to test the benefit of octacosanol was conducted on mildly stressed mice, and it showed great results as the stress causing corticosterone levels in the blood plasma were reduced as soon as the mice were given octacosanol through oral administration and it was also discovered that the sleep that came through it was natural and not manipulated by other factors.

It was then concluded that octacosanol was not just an important compound for fighting stress induced sleep troubles, but can also be an important element in the process of fighting severe insomnia in certain people. It can be considered safe for humans, as it is a natural compound found in natural products like sugarcanes and have no side effects whatsoever. However, some more experiments and tests are all set to be conducted in order to deduce its complete sleep inducing potentials on human beings.

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