UGC makes Aadhaar mandatory

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Aadhaar mandatory

Being mandatory, Aadhaaar card is spreading its reign over all the e-courses even in the universities for online education. According to the draft regulations, the online courses will follow UGC guidelines for conventional colleges. Institutions which offer online education have to go through third party audit at an interval of a couple of years, for quality and accountability.

The way it works:

The eligibility criteria for an institution to be recognized for conducting online courses, the Higher Education Institution (HEI) should exist as a university for a minimum time of 5 years and should be authorized by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with a legal minimum number of 3.25 on a 4 point scale.

If the number of learners crosses 500 then there would be a teaching assistant apart from the register, full-time director or other academic staff. Only the courses which are based on a regular classroom teaching mode would be offered as online courses.


To make an online regular mode classroom a well-designed organized education website is needed with sober graphics and apt animation work. For checking ‘Proctored online examinations’ the institution must require the HEI’s computerized testing system as for whether there are security features or not such as authentication of learner’s Aadhaar card, monitoring and webcam recording for online invigilation.

The pupils who are applying for online courses will get three additional years to complete the full course. Which means for three years offline degree course an online student is meant to complete it in six years.

Permission process:

The institutions deciding to offer online degree courses will have to go through twin approvals consisting of comprising audit assessment for infrastructural or academic HR  compliance. Then a team of experts would inspect the curricular aspects, the prospectus, effectiveness and the fruitful benefits which the students are about to get, before allowing the license.

If students are intending to attend online classes they must bring their Aadhaar cards as a prove for authentication and vigilance purpose.

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