World Red Cross Day (8th of May)

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World Red Cross Day

On the 8th of May, every year, the world celebrates World Red Cross Day, since on this very day the founder of the Red Cross—Henry Dunant was born. Alongside founding the Red Cross, he was also the founder of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The celebrated man was born in the year 1828 in Geneva and among his many achievements, the most vital one is the fact that he was the very first recipient of the popular Nobel Peace Prize.

On the World Red Cross Day, the fundamental principles of the International Red Cross as well as the Red Crescent Movement are celebrated, wherein all volunteers and change makers who participated in the events and also made a contribution in helping people in need in the society are commemorated and people pay tribute to them.

The Red Cross Day as it was formerly known came into being from the year 1948, and the initiative had begun long ago right after the first World War to emphasize on peace and thus, the day was approved to be observed by the League of the Red Cross Societies. Later, from the year 1984, the day came to be known as World Red Cross Day as well as Red Crescent Day officially.

The main principles of the Red Cross include elements like independence, humanity, neutrality, impartiality, unity, voluntary, as well as universality, and this day promotes these principles to help all those in need, at an international level, to reduce human suffering, save people from natural disasters like earthquakes, epidemics, floods, etc. and also ensure that human rights of all individuals are well protected and each and everyone gets to maintain their dignity.

In a nutshell, the World Red Cross Day aims at highlighting live-saving events and also bringing focus to the people who struggle to live on an everyday basis.

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