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Quite often whenever you feel like a need of a kick in your gut to energize yourself, you choose to quickly sip right from a can of an energy drink, isn’t it? Well, you might change your mind now, since a recent study has revealed that the high caffeine content in these energy drinks can actually make your heart’s rhythm go out of sync, causing your heart rate to be at a risk of malfunctioning.

The theory was first considered after conducting massive search taking past cases into study, wherein it was seen that most people who faced tricky cardiovascular events had consumed energy drinks pretty often, which led to their heart having abnormal rhythms, a condition better known as Arrhythmias.

One of the most recent cases related to the same had a 28 year old male patient admitted to the emergency unit of a hospital after he was constantly vomiting with blood. On inspection it was discovered that his heart rhythms were totally out of sync and he had a heart rate of around 130 beats per minute, way too abnormal compared to the usual 72 beats per minute.

Further studies on his condition revealed that except for this he had no other problem or complications related to his heart. When he was stable, he confessed to consuming around two monster energy drinks on a daily basis, bringing the total caffeine consumption by him to around 320 milligrams, and additionally he teamed that up with around two to three beers. The medication solved his problem within 48 hours, however, due to severe vomiting with blood, the endoscopy results conveyed that he had a tear of the esophagus as well as the stomach, and other than that everything else was fine.

With proper care and guidelines, he was thus discharged at a stable condition, and with energy drinks totally out of his diet, his one year later follow up showed no complications of the heart whatsoever.

The doctors asserted that although consumption of caffeine is not the only reason for arrhythmia, and other aspects like alcohol, drugs too can contribute in causing it, energy drinks must be definitely avoided as they impose a higher risk of causing abnormal heart rhythms in people.

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